Training “Shadow Warriors” 

During the first dark days of World War 2, a highly specialized and top secret school was created to train selected personnel in the art of clandestine, unconventional warfare and the gathering of intelligence. This training facility was designed and established by the British and strategically placed in Canada on the shores of Lake Ontario. Days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the first recruits entered the doors of the newly formed “secret agent school”. Canada, America and the British sent students to be trained at this newly established facility. This highly secret training facility was simply known as “Camp X”. 

What makes the WW2 “Camp X” unique is the fact that for the first time in North American history, a facility was specifically created to train agents in the dark arts of espionage, sabotage, guerilla fighting, collecting intelligence behind enemy lines etc. The American agents, spies and unconventional fighters were part of a new organization called the “Office of Strategic Services” or simply the OSS. The creator of the OSS was an America hero from WW1, Bill Donovan, recipient of the Medal of Honor. 


To produce some of the finest Warriors on the planet, the OSS created a unique training syllabus pertaining to unconventional warfare. The subjects were taught by highly skilled and experienced teachers and the school produced some of the bravest Warriors, both men and women, this country has ever seen, working as lone operators or in small teams behind enemy lines. Hundreds of students became OSS secret agents, spies and guerilla fighters in German occupied Europe and Asia. Some served in South and Central America. 

At Camp X, subjects taught were diverse to include self-protection, agent management, communications, operations, codes and ciphers, demolitions, physical training, close combat, weapons training, parachuting, disguise, covers and cover stories, blending into the environment, principles of camouflage, street fighting, clandestine warfare, ambush tactics, collection of intelligence, silent killing, tactics of small raiding parties and much more. There is no doubt that the OSS Warriors working behind enemy lines helped turn the tide of the war and victory at its end. 

Today, the Central Intelligence Agency as well as the US Army Green Berets can trace their origins directly to the WW2 OSS.