The disciplines listed below can best be classified under the operational term “Tradecraft.” Tradecraft is the esoteric and counter-intuitive art of operating under the enemy’s nose without being detected. It is also the guiding discipline that hopefully prevents an operator from having to use the lethal skills so well developed by Henk Iverson and taught at his Lone Operator and HITS courses.  Uniquely, both Henk and Ric have mastered these disciplines of stealth and lethality, during their lengthy careers.

From knowing how to blend into a foreign culture/geography, to how to withstand the scrutiny of a foreign intelligence service, surveillance and counter-surveillance, manage your appearance (disguise), and/or sailing through foreign customs/immigration checks, these courses are designed to allow the operator the freedom to successfully accomplish the mission and return home undetected.

These courses were refined, not in the classroom but in 35 years of ‘on the street’ experience and they go well beyond the foundation courses taught by DoD and/or CIA at their respective “Farms.”  The CIA officers’ excellence in tradecraft is acquired via OJT, not in the classroom.  Additionally, we profess that the tradecraft war is won first and foremost via preparation and then, proper execution. 

Ric Prado has led and mentored dozens of elite CIA officers to successfully operate in some of the most demanding, non-combat, operational theaters in the world; often under the scrutiny of world-class intelligence services.  In fact, three of his former ‘students’ are now senior-most leaders in that elite organization. 

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