Michael Carpenter

Michael Carpenter served in the US Army from 1988 and retiring in 2014. As an Infantryman he served with 9thInfantry Daivision, 4/9 INF and 2/1 INF in Alaska, and the 2/504 PIR 82ndABN DIV. From 2004-1014 he served as an 18D, Special Forces Medical Sergeant and as an 18Z Special Forces Operations Sergeant or “Team Sergeant” in 2ndand 4thBN 10thSFG(A) at Fort Carson, CO. 

He has done multiple combat tours in Iraq and Africa and other places around the world. He has trained and led multiple US and Foreign soldiers. He also spent two years as a Ranger Instructor at 4thRanger Training BN, Ft. Benning, GA. 

After Retiring from the US Army he has been employed with a DOD contractor providing Primarily, combat and austere medicine and tactics to both US Special Operations servicemembers and Foreign military, paramilitary and civilian partnered elements.

Jamin Lehmann

Jamin  Lehmann has served in the Army since 1999. A former 82nd ABN 11 Bravo, but from 2002 he spent the majority of his active duty career as an 18B, Special Forces Weapons Sergeant.

He has done multiple combat tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and other glamorous places around the world. He has trained and led multiple US and foreign soldiers. He also had the opportunity to serve as a Sotic level 1 and 2 instructor as well as a Advanced Special Operations Techniques instructor Lvl2 and Lvl 3.

Jamin Lehmann recently retired at the beginning of 2019 after 20 years of service in the United States Army.

Andrew Rumfelt

Andrew has been in the training industry for over 15 years and has worked on various teams around the globe. He has provided training to Law Enforcement, Military, and Private Citizens. He currently services his community as a Reserve County Sheriff and SWAT advisor with full arrest authority. He is a Certified LE DT Instructor in KPCT tactics, Certified LE Knife Instructor, Certified TCCC NAEMT and a HITS Gold Level instructor. 

Rob Stern

Rob Stern has worked as a law enforcement officer in a large metropolitan area for the past 13 years. His current assignment is as a full-time trainer for the agency and law enforcement academy.  For the past 11 years he has been assigned to the Emergency Service Unit as an assaulter, sniper and breacher.  Rob holds instructor certifications in numerous areas including Krav Maga, Gracie Survival Tactics, Tactical Medicine, CQB, Less Lethal Weapons, Chemical Munitions and Emergency Vehicle Operations,  and specializes in firearms, arrest and control techniques and high risk law enforcement tactics.


Rob spent 4 years on active duty as an 11C with the 82ndAbn. Division with combat deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq and is currently a member of the Army National Guard where he serves as sniper team leader in a reconnaissance unit.

Dr. Mike

Dr. Mike is a board certified emergency medicine physician. He serves as a forward operating physician for a multi-jurisdictional midwest SWAT team, as well a medical manager for a Type-1 Urban Search & Rescue Team. Mike is currently a military officer who most recently returned from a rotation as a member of a damage control surgical team under SOCCENT. He has experience both as a medical and firearms instructor for special operations teams.

Jeff Tinsley

Jeff began his learning journey over 24 years ago.  During this time he has attended courses from such notable instructors and facilities as: Henk Iverson, Jon Farnam, Gunsite, Southnarc, Pat Rogers, Louis Awerbuck, Paul Gomez, Dean Caputo, Paul Sharp, and many more.

This training, in addition to personal incidents around the globe, have solidified a belief in the need for an individual to be personally prepared and responsible for one’s own safety regardless of profession or status.

Jeff began instructing on a part time basis 18 years ago. In addition to graduations from numerous instructor development courses, he is currently an NAEMT certified instructor, an NRA certified instructor in various disciplines, a Rangemaster certified instructor, and an associate instructor with Henk Iverson Tactical Systems (HITS).

Jeff also serves as a Rescue Task Force team leader, and EMT with a northern Indiana department. He currently holds an EMT-B certification, TCCC certification, and is a certified Search and Rescue Tech.

Mark Graff

Involved in public service since 1992, I have responded to major incidents throughout the continental United States, working with resources from local to the national level, as a firefighter and EMT.  Owner operator at Graff Custom Gunworks; building custom 1911s and as an armor for multiple weapon systems, competition shooter and firearms instructor.  Instructor at (HITS) Henk Iverson Tactical  Systems and NEK’s Lone Operator program starting in 2013.